Game Changer

Worth the Workout

Beer brewed with Sea Salt, Acai Berry, and Turmeric

Is it just us or, after a tough workout, do you find yourself craving a refreshing brew, too? The naysayers say you can't have full flavor with low calories, but we say you can have your beer, and drink it too!

That's why we made this crisp refresher with sea salt, açaí berries and turmeric that's perfect for a post-workout cool down. All the flavor, less of the calories, and feeling good about it, too? That's a Game Changer.


2 row, Flaked oats, Flaked wheat, Acidulated


Citra, Jester, Mosaic

20 IBU
2.8 ABV
Recommended Pairings
Post run
After the bike ride
Golf Course