Zee German Pils

Ja, Das
Ist Gut!

Zee German Pils

Pale Lager of Deutchland

A lot of things in Texas have been influenced by zee Germans...zee towns, zee waterparks, zee sausages (mmm), and well...even zee bier! Zee German Pils is our authentic recreation of zee pale lagers of Deutschland.

Pour zee bier and watch as zee bubbles cascade towards zee top to develop a puffy white head. Like a true Pils, this bier is straw-gold in color, light bodied yet full of floral and spicy hop flavors that are zee signature characteristic for this style. Prost!

Available: Mid January – March


2 Row Pale, Carafoam


Hallertau-Mittelfreuh, Hersbrucker, Saphir

34 IBU
4.9% ABV
Recommended Pairings
Tex Mex
Pad Thai
Smoke Salmon
Jerk Chicken