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Dia de los Muertos Art Show

Día de los Muertos Art Call!

The art show will be held at our Dia de los Muertos festival on Saturday November 2nd 2019. The artwork will be on view from Noon to 7pm. Artwork must incorporate the Día de los Muertos theme!

The last day to enter the art show will be Friday November 1st!

Drop off dates are Wednesday October 30th through Friday November 1st, 9am to 5pm.

E-mail Diana@karbachbrewing.com to secure a spot in the show, or if you’d like to make different arrangements for drop-off.

Drop off will be located at Karbach Brewing Company Admin offices:

2032 Karbach Street, Houston Tx 77092.

Conditions for entry:

-Artist must be 21 years or older, sorry but we are still a brewery!

-The artwork must be on a canvas – maximum size 18″x24″.

-Any medium is welcome, so long as it is on a canvas (max size 18″x24″), all artwork must be ready for display.

-1 to 3 submissions per artist, depending on space.

-All work must be original creations of the artist submitting the application. No reproductions of original work by other artists will be accepted. We are looking for original pieces that incorporate Dia de los Muertos and it’s many inspirations. Work must be reviewed and accepted by the curator.

There is NO entrance fee for this art show and NO commission fee upon selling your artwork – you may price your piece for whatever you’d like! With that being said, Karbach will have no involvement in the selling of your artwork. A label will be created with your name and contact info,  artwork will be on view from noon to 7pm – and can be sold at any time – via your contact info BUT the Artist must be present at 6pm when the artwork starts to come down to be taken home.

Questions and concerns can be emailed to: diana@karbachbrewing.com with the subject “Dia de los Muertos Art call”.

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