Whether you're trying to track down your favorite beer or trying to find a good time to stop by our biergarten, all questions are good questions!

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Can I bring kids/pets?

Yes! Kids are welcome at Karbach in our restaurant and Biergarten! Dogs are welcome in our biergarten.

Can I reserve a table in the biergarten? Usually followed with, Can I bring outside food/drink, decorations, etc?

You can reserve a space at the brewery! Please reach out to events@karbachbrewing.com to reserve your area. You may bring in outside food and decorations. Outside alcohol is prohibited by law.

Do we have group deals for tokens?

For any group questions, contact events@karbachbrewing.com

Is there live music tonight? What band is playing?

Take a look at our events calendar - karbachbrewing.com/community/events

What are your hours?

The Restaurant Hours:

- Sun-Wed 11am-10pm
- Thurs-Sat 11-11pm

Biergarten hours:
- Monday-Wednesday 2:30-10pm
- Thurs- Fri 2:30-11pm
- Sat 11am-11pm
- Sun 12-10pm

Tour Hours:
Closed toe shoes required
- Mon-Fri 3pm ,5pm,7pm
- Saturday tours every hour on the hour from 1-7pm
- Sunday every hour on the hour from 1-5pm.

How do I schedule a Tour?

To schedule a private group tour, please contact events@karbachbrewing.com. Otherwise join us for our public tours. Tour information here!

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Our Beer

Where can I buy a keg?

The three tiered system here in Texas doesn’t allow us to sell directly to the consumer for off premise consumption. You can, however, purchase Karbach kegs at your local liquor or grocer if they do keg sales. PRO TIP: Contact your store ahead of the event to make sure they have the correct inventory!

Is (insert beer of the past here) ever coming back?

We never say never! With our new innovation brewhouse, anything is possible, but we like to keep things fresh which sometimes means we’ve got to put a brew on hiatus.

When will we be distributing to (insert other state here)?

We are currently distributed in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
Outside of that, you’ll need to come drink with us!

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Are  you hiring?

We are always hiring! Check out our career opportunities at www.karbachbrewing.com/jobs

How can I purchase (insert merch item here) online?

Please visit our online store at karbachbrewing.com/store

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