12 Days of IPAs – Karbach Brewing Co.

12 Days of IPAs

Special Edition Variety Pack

Enjoy 12 Days of IPA!

With a curated selection of 12 different IPAs all in one pack, you can't go wrong with this unique seasonal offering!

Day 1 - American Style IPA, ABV-6.6%

Flavor: On the first Day of IPAs, this Dry Hopped Texas IPA is packed with the bitterness of hops from around the world. Notes of caramel sweetness are balanced by a combination of light berry, grapefruit, & piney resinous hop characteristics.

Day 2 - West Coast-Style IPA, ABV-7.5%

Flavor: On the 2nd Day of IPAs, this West Coast Style IPA is bursting with citrus, resinous aromas. The juicy bitterness will excite your taste buds and whet your appetite with a hop-filled delight. 

Day 3 - Double IPA, ABV-9.5%

Flavor: On the 3rd day of IPAs, this Double IPA is packed with malt flavors giving it double the intensity. It’s slightly sweet aroma and toffee sweetness cover the tongue, balanced by stone fruit and finishes with a resinous piney bitterness.

Day 4 - Hazy IPA, ABV-6%

Flavor: On the 4th Day of IPAs, this Hazy IPA radiates positive vibes from hoppy, to fruity, and back again. Prominent notes of grapefruit, orange zest, and pineapple with a mild sweetness and low bitterness.

Day 5 - English-Style IPA, ABV-6%

Flavor: On the 5th Day of IPAs, this English Style IPA features woody pine notes, and sweet citrus aromas. Commonly found in English Style IPA this beer features more toasty caramel English style hops of woody, toasty flavors while still letting the malt shine through.

Day 6 - Dank IPA, ABV-7.1%

Flavor: On the 6th Day of IPAs, this IPA is made with essential oils from the cone of terpenes. This Dank IPA offers resinous and piney notes while giving you the dank aroma and high ABV.

Day 7 - Tropical West Coast-Style IPA, ABV-7.3%

Flavor: On the 7th Day of IPAs, we give a nod to the west coast brewers who have pushed the boundaries of bitterness by showcasing American Hops. This tropical West Coast Style IPA features prominent  grapefruit zest, pine and melon.

Day 8 - Hazy Experimental Hops IPA, ABV-6%

Flavor: On the 8th Day of IPAs, we take a new exploration into experimental hop HBC 472. This Hazy IPA is bursting with aromas of a flowery bouquet and tropical fruits. Consistent with Hazy IPAs, this beer lets the hop shine without the expected American IPA bitterness.

Day 9 - Cold IPA, ABV-7.5%

Flavor: On the 9th Day of IPAs, this Cold IPA is not to be confused with cold brew beers, instead this beer is a fresh take on a traditional American IPA.  This Cold lagered IPA features crisp, berry, melon dry hopped aromas with a moderate level of bitterness.

Day 10 - Imperial Juicy IPA, ABV-9%

Flavor: On the 10th day of IPAs, this Imperial IPA is bright, juicy, and fresh. It's loaded with hop driven bitterness featuring aromas of guava, citrus rind, and mango.

Day 11 - Imperial Hazy IPA, ABV-8.3%

Flavor: On the 11th Day of IPAs, this Imperial Hazy IPA is packed with sweet notes of banana and coconut.  Day 11 leaves you with a creamy mouthfeel while also balancing the hoppiness of a high ABV beer.

Day 12 - Imperial West Coast-Style IPA, ABV-8.3%

Flavor: On the 12th and final Day of IPAs, this Imperial West Coast-Style IPA offers more hops and more ABV than our traditional West Coast IPA.  If you know Double IPAs than you know Imperial IPAs, as they both mean strong and bold flavors.

6% - 9.5% ABV